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Tom Martin
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Phone: 570-372-4166
Office Location: Bogar Hall - Rm 023
Office Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., MWF

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Academic Credentials:
DPHIL, Oxford University
MA, Oral Roberts University
BA, Oral Roberts University

Martin specializes in New Testament interpretation. He teaches courses on Paul, Jesus and apocalyptic literature. His research interests currently focus on literary critical and environmental ethics issues in the Book of Revelation.  He also teaches on science and religion. He has published articles in the areas of Gospel research and theological pedagogy. Martin is a Lutheran pastor.


  • GREK-201 Intermediate Greek Exegesis
  • GREK-300 Advanced Studies
  • HONS-100 Thought
  • HONS-301 Fiction of C. S. Lewis
  • HONS-301 Science and Religion
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives
  • RELI-101 Introduction to Religious Studies
  • RELI-102 Applied Biblical Ethics
  • RELI-103 The New Testament
  • RELI-110 Introduction to Religious Studies
  • RELI-235 Environmental Ethics
  • RELI-300 Book of Revelation/Zombie Apocalypses
  • RELI-305 Fiction of C. S. Lewis
  • RELI-350 Science and Religion
  • RELI-400 C. S. Lewis
  • RELI-400 Dir. Readings - Gospel of Mark
  • RELI-400 Environmental Ethics
  • RELI-400 Greek 1B
  • RELI-400 Greek I
  • RELI-400 Interfaith Food Ethics
  • RELI-400 Susquehanna's Recylng Culture
  • RELI-400 The Historical Jesus
  • RELI-400 The New Testament
  • RELI-500 Capstone
  • RELI-503 Internship

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