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Study Away

In addition to a host of study away opportunities available to Susquehanna students, two programs are available through the school:  the Focus Australia Program and specialized science education experience.

Focus Australia

This is a program of study concentrating on the history, culture and biogeography of Australia. This program involves two courses (Biological Issues in Australia and Environmental Psychology) taken in the semester prior to an 18-day study tour of the island continent.

Specialized Science Education Experience

Students may conduct research or become involved in an academic exchange program in Russia or may enroll in biogeodiversity courses that explore the environment and ecology/biogeodiversity of small regions. Jack Holt, Ph.D., professor of biology, leads these adventures. Past biogeodiversity class trips have included short trips to Puerto Rico and Costa Rica to examine the reef, rainforest, karst topography and mangrove swamp environments with a concentration on education and discovery learning.

Professor Holt may also take students to Russia where they visit Pushkin and Moscow, and stay in Yaroslavl. In addition to being exposed to the geography and ecology of Russia, students examine the people, religion and food while traveling. Students also spend time at the Uleima Biology Camp, where they learn about the biota and ecology of the region around the Uleima River.

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