Pre-Ministry at Susquehanna University


Susquehanna has a special interest in preparing students for service in the church. This service can include the ordained ministry, parish work, diaconal ministry, social ministry and ministry in music. These career goals typically require graduate study.

Preparation for graduate theological study, ministry and church occupations includes academic instruction, spiritual maturation, and experiential learning. While students may major in any field, they are encouraged to emphasize the broadening aspects of the liberal arts. In addition, pre-ministerial students are advised to acquire reading skills in Classical or New Testament (Koiné) Greek and study a language likely to be spoken by those whom they may be called to serve (e.g., Spanish for those with an interest in urban ministries).

Susquehanna’s historic relationship with the Lutheran Church (ELCA) attracts many students to its service, but graduates have also entered service in many other denominations.


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