International Studies

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Conference Presentations

"Drug Trafficking and Divine Justice: La Familia Michoacana and Government Response" - Matthew Getz at Council for Latin American Studies

Senior Research Theses

Chinese Communist Revolution and Female Aesthetic

Neoliberal Economic Policy and Social Costs in the Economies of Bolivia and Poland

The Effects of Colonialism on the Development of Nigeria and South Korea

The Experiences of Jewish Women During the Holocaust: 1933-1945

Goals 2000: The United States and Japan Learning from Each Other

National Sozialismus in Deutschland

The Eastern European States and the Road to European Union Membership

The Future of NATO

Germany's Decision to Send Troops to Bosnia: Was it in Germany's Best Interest?

Russian Election '96: Why/How did Yeltsin Win?

UNPROFOR and Peacekeeping Efforts in the Former Yugoslavia.

Overseas Operations of U.S. Tobacco Companies

Overseas Chinese in East Asia

The Japanese Problem: An Analysis of the Legal, Structural and Cultural Barriers Obstructing American Auto Exports to Japa

Ukraine's Decision to Give Up Nuclear Weapons

American Public Opinion: The Effects of a Previous Conflict Toward Future Humanitarian Conflicts

Solving the Problems of Immigrant Assimilation into France: Evolving Legal Policies

Music Performers and Their Effects on Politics in Post Colonial Jamaica

Is Stopping Genocide in the United States' National Interests?: A Dichotomy of US Morality and Power

Poland and Accession to the European Union: Four Areas of Contention

Rebellious Polish Civil Society

Is Judaism Enough?: A Question of Israeli Jewish Identity

Democracy Building and Peacekeeping in Latin America: The Roles of the United Nations and the Organization of American States

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