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Photo of Paulina Rebeca Ortega Silva

Paulina Rebeca Ortega Silva
Visiting Language Fellow

Office Hours: 11 a.m. – 12 p.m., MWF

Ortega is a Fulbright Modern Language Fellow from Hermosillo, Mexico. She received her Bachelor´s degree in English language teaching from the University of Sonora. For four years, she studied both the grammatical features and cultural implications of the language, along with historical facts and general linguistics.

Before coming to Susquehanna University, Ortega worked for six years at Instituto Mexicano Americano de Relaciones Culturales, A.C. (Mexican-American Institute of Cultural Relationships), where she taught English as a second language to children, teenagers and adults. She also worked for four years in the same institution with young learners in the bilingual program. Teaching different levels and ages has provided her with a variety of challenges and meaningful experiences. She views teaching her native language as an opportunity for professional growth, which will provide her with more insights on the language acquisition processes; but most importantly, she strongly believes that by teaching her language she will also teach important aspects of her culture to students.

Her hometown’s geographical proximity to the United States has enabled Ortega to travel to U.S. several times before. However, teaching at Susquehanna has allowed her to visit the East Coast for the first time. She is quite interested on learning more about the American history by visiting the locations of where the most remarkable events occurred. She feels motivated to interact and learn from people, and hopes she can convey the beauty of what Mexico is through its traditions, landscapes, and hardworking people.

Ortega’s leisure activities include: watching movies and sitcoms, free writing, drawing, and beading jewelry. She also enjoys learning about different cultures.


  • SPAN-103 Introduction to College Spanish I
  • SPAN-104 Introduction to College Spanish II

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