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Serena Zampolli
Visiting Language Fellow
Phone: 570-372-4715

Office Hours: 2 p.m. – 4 p.m., TH

Zampolli is a Fulbright Modern Language Fellow from Venice, Italy. She was born in Conegliano Veneto, a hilly town close to the Alps, but considers herself a "Venetian," as she moved there eight years ago.

She studied at cà Foscari University of Venice, where she received her "Laurea Triennale" (first-level degree) in linguistics and her "Laurea Magistrale" (second-level degree) in language teaching.

While studying at university, she also enrolled in a three-year acting course in Venice, where she studied different aspects of this discipline and specialized in a traditional type of Venetian theatre called "Commedia dell'Arte."

Zampolli has been working as educator for children for more than five years, tutoring them in after-school activities and leading creative labs, theatre workshops and English courses that involved theatre, music and games.

From April to December 2012 she was an Italian Teaching Assistant at St. Joseph's College of Echuca, Australia. At Susquehanna, she is teaching at the university level for the first time and it is also her first time in the United States.

In her spare time, the thing Serena enjoys the most is reading. She loves books. She also loves writing and recently has developed a strong interest in oral storytelling.


  • ITAL-101 Beginning Italian I
  • ITAL-102 Beginning Italian II

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