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Graduate School

Here are some good reasons for students to attend graduate school:

  • To learn more about a particular discipline 
  • To immerse themselves in their interest areas 
  • To develop their interests into a career 
  • To enhance their quality of life 
  • To enhance their job and career satisfaction 
  • To increase their earning potential 
  • To increase their opportunities for advancement 
  • To meet requirements for their chosen profession

It is essential for students to spend time considering specific interests, skills, and values as they focus on their career goals and their decision to attend graduate or professional school.  If possible, students should visit schools of interest and talk with graduate school advisors and current graduate students to ask questions and assess different programs and make comparisons between schools.

Poor reasons for students to consider graduate school:

  • They can’t think of anything else to do
  • They want to please their parents, friends, professors, or someone else
  • They’re afraid they won’t find a job

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