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Susquehanna Students Deliver

Career Development Career FairOur graduates are ready to deliver for you. They are high-achieving critical thinkers, culturally competent and skilled in languages, and capable, confident team players. More»

In today’s fast-paced and competitive workplace, you want employees who have more than just a college degree. If you’re looking for well-prepared men and women with a solid foundation in the liberal arts, an expansive worldview and the confidence to lead, you’ve come to the right place.

For more than 150 years, Susquehanna University has prepared students for lives of achievement, leadership and service in a diverse and interconnected world. While every student is different, we trust you will find each to be extremely well-qualified and prepared for your internship and employment opportunities.

Our goal is to connect you with the best possible candidates in the easiest and most convenient ways.

 For more information contact us at 570-372-4146.

Services for Employers


    Advertise full-time and internship opportunities through Crusader Careers, Susquehanna’s job, internship and recruiting board, powered by Symplicity.

    Our on-campus Employment and Internship Fair is held annually on the first Thursday of October in the James W. Garrett Sports Complex.

    Get to know individual candidates through one-on-one interviews conducted at Susquehanna University. To schedule interviews, simply contact our office with your preferred visit dates.

    Post available job and internship positions, required qualifications and additional information, and invite students to submit résumés for your consideration. Contact us for details.

    Ask our advisers to provide you with résumés of Susquehanna students who meet your job and internship requirements.

    Come to campus to conduct information sessions that highlight your organization to potential employees. For a less formal gathering, recruit near the entrance of the campus bookstore during peak hours of student activity.

    Help prepare Susquehanna students for the job search by conducting mock interviews. This visibility often leads to candidate interest in your organization.

    Consider Susquehanna alumni for positions requiring more experience. Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@susqu.edu or call 570-372-4115 for more information.


What Hiring Managers Say

“A liberal arts education provides a solid foundation for future graduate education. Many healthcare professions require advanced degrees, and a liberal arts curriculum provides a well-rounded background. I have hired Susquehanna students as interns and on several occasions, this has led to full-time employment. I find them to be very intelligent, goal-oriented and focused on their education."
 Tracey W. Wolfe ’95 
 Associate Vice President 
 Community Affairs and Clinical Service Programming 
 Geisinger Health System 
 Danville, Pa.

“Susquehanna’s well-rounded curriculum gives students a balanced education. But more importantly, it grants them adaptability—something that’s never been more important in the workplace than now. With fewer people doing multiple jobs, employees must be skilled enough to do more than what they’re ‘hired’ to do, or at least have the ability to learn how to do so. I’ve found Susquehanna graduates are prepared on day one of a job to function and act like sharp, respectful, prepared and well-mannered employees.” 
 Leah Wyar Romito ’00 
 Beauty Director 
 Cosmopolitan Magazine

“I have worked closely with the Career Development Center and attended several career fairs. The staff has been very accommodating, going the extra mile to get me in front of the right students and providing opportunities to show off my organization. I’ve found that Susquehanna graduates are dedicated employees who have a strong work ethic and good communication skills.” 
Todd Beasley 
Recruiting Manager 
Thrivent Financial

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