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Information for Families

How can he find a job with that major? Will she get into an excellent graduate school? Will I have to convert my home office back into a bedroom?

With four years of career-related support and programs, Susquehanna focuses on preparing students to manage successful careers. While traditionally about 95 percent are employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation, caring parents and families often have a lot of questions about students being prepared for life after college.

How to Support Your Student:

  • Ask about his or her career plans. 
  • Remember that many students change majors two or three times, and may have a dozen or more job changes in a lifetime, making a liberal arts education a valuable asset.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of the Career Development Center for career advising, self-assessments, the resource library, networking and employment events, internship support, resume help, and workshops.
  • Encourage your student to register with our online Crusader Careers system.
  • Be aware of workplace opportunities and let us know if your organization has potential internships or full-time positions for Susquehanna students.
  • Consider giving a professional “interview suit,” briefcase, or portfolio as a holiday or birthday gift. Making an outstanding impression is very important in job interviews.

Review semester-by-semester recommendations for your student's career success

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