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Essay MagazineEssay Magazine, the university’s student-run creative nonfiction magazine, annually showcases memoirs, personal essays and literary journalism pieces written by Susquehanna’s writing majors. 



by Lauren Bailey

The spring I graduated from high school: “I was bulimic while I was pregnant with your sister,” my mom says.  She’s driving.  I’m in the passenger seat, my feet falling asleep underneath the weight of my body....


Down The Bank

by Dana P. Diehl

When I remember the summers of my childhood, I do not think of the houses that popped up like crabgrass one by one in my development or the neighborhood friends that moved away....


The Baker's Daughter

by Billie R. Tadros

My father screamed in his sleep. Drowning in waves below the surface of consciousness, in dreams suspended and repressed over longing crescendos of pain and passion, he would release cries....

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