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Angelique V. Nixon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English

I encourage students to think more globally—to question everything and see things from different perspectives. I remind my students that there is no pure objective truth, and we investigate how knowledge is created and from what perspective.

As students, it is their job to be engaged and open their minds to new and at times challenging ideas. My students participate in what I call a “community classroom.” I am the facilitator of our exchanges, but I expect to learn as much from my students as they learn from me. We don’t always agree, but I ask that we are respectful to each other and to the materials we are discussing.

My graduate school training and Ph.D. in English literary and cultural studies led me into researching and teaching a variety of multicultural and postcolonial literatures, particularly of the African diaspora and the Caribbean. My passion for studying literature and culture is grounded in how we read texts and how they help us understand the world, especially social and political landscapes at the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, and nationality.

I focus on literary and cultural texts and theories that often exist outside the dominant narratives of history. They offer ways to grapple with the stories of those who were and remain marginalized, and to understand the ongoing struggle for social justice and equality. They also represent the powerful ways people create (in spite of oppression) and engage in self-making and the imagination.

Although these are difficult topics, I incorporate these themes in many of my classes. I urge students to step outside of their comfort zone to think critically from a place of knowing. In my writing courses, my primary goals are to help students learn to read and evaluate texts, conduct research, create an argument for a topic, and produce a meaningful research paper.

In my Writing and Thinking course, “Social and Environmental Justice,” students conduct research on a topic of their choosing. We discuss a variety of interdisciplinary connections, and they analyze the root causes of the issue and offer possible solutions. This project helps students to become global citizens that are better prepared to engage the problems facing us as a global community.

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