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Career Development Center

Today’s career paths are full of twists and turns, requiring the skills to navigate a lifetime of job searches and career shifts. Landing a first job is important, but learning how to proactively manage one's career path is of greatest value.

Career Development Center sponsors a Job Fair

That’s why career development at Susquehanna is four years long, ranging from a career planning course to optional individual advising to a popular power dining event. It’s also a campus-wide effort, with many professors personally assisting students in finding internships, applying to graduate schools or just helping students understand their options.

By approaching successful outcomes from this liberal arts perspective, we not only enable students to secure excellent positions, we empower them to be the architects of their own futures.


• One-on-one advising
• Career assessment inventories such as the MBTI, SDS, and CISS
• Resume and cover letter reviews including drop-in hours
• Programs and workshops
• Mock interviews
• Professional portfolio support
• Internship assistance
• On-campus recruiting
• Employment and internship fairs
• Employer information sessions on campus
• Employment listings
• Sample graduate school entrance exams, preparation materials and bulletins
• Networking events
• SUBridge alumni mentoring
• E-mail announcements regarding special events targeting specific majors


Break Through Alumni-Student Networking

Networking Events Connect Alumni and Students

From the Big Apple to our nation’s capital, Susquehanna students are connecting with alumni and the companies that employ them.  More »

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