In our rapidly changing world, we are bombarded with information and new technologies. Scientific discoveries challenge the way we think. Cultural revolutions impact the way we act.

At Susquehanna, we prepare you to grow, succeed and serve in the context of this ever-changing environment.

Susquehanna AcademicsYou’ll learn at the hands of expert faculty who are not only teachers, but mentors. They’ll open your eyes to new perspectives. Teach you to be intellectually flexible. Prepare you to think critically and communicate clearly across different disciplines. Help you to develop into a person with a strong sense of self. And give you a greater understanding of the world around you.

As a result, you will become a highly educated individual very much valued in the marketplace. You’ll have the skills that employers want. And will be well prepared for a life of achievement, leadership and service.


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What others say about a liberal arts education:

"Like most people trained my way, I believe passionately in the value of a liberal arts education. Given whatever talent exists within me, a liberal arts education focused my mind by encouraging me to reflect, synthesize, interpret and assess. I learned how to write, communicate, apply quantitative methods, and at least to a degree, use technology. I understood the value and promise of higher education...I had to come to terms with who I was and learn to think for myself. Who could argue with the breadth of this training for the individual and its value to a well-educated citizenry?"
Brian Mitchell (Director of the Edvance Foundation). "Choosing the Battleground for the Liberal Arts"

"The only education that prepares us for change is a liberal education. In periods of change, narrow specialization condemns us to inflexibility— precisely what we do not need. We need the flexible intellectual tools to be problem solvers, to be able to continue learning over time."
"Liberal Education Outcomes: A Preliminary Report on Student Achievement in College," Association of American Colleges and Universities

"In the years ahead we’ll need more and more workers who can think, collaborate, create, solve problems, communicate, and lead. Demand will be high for people who have learned how to learn; who have a strong, multidisciplinary education; and who can adapt easily to whatever comes their way."
Roger Herman (CEO of The Herman Group). "The Case for Liberal Arts" 

"Executives will need a broad understanding of other cultures, other languages, history, science, and the arts, if they are to successfully navigate a rapidly changing future business environment."
Paul Dillon. "What Business Expects from Higher Education"

"We are reminded that the real challenge of today’s economy is not in making things but in producing creative ideas. Today, the race goes not just to the swift, but to the inventive, the resourceful, the curious. And that is what a liberal education is all about."
David Kearns. "Introduction to Reclaiming the Legacy: in defense of liberal education"

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