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Kellie Nebiker '11

Major: Business Administration—Marketing 
Career: Promotion Associate, Glamour Magazine

I didn’t always realize how important connections are. But a connection I made with a Susquehanna alumna while I was still a student actually jump-started my career.

I met Leah Wyar ’00, beauty director at Cosmopolitan Magazine, when she came to speak on campus in November of my senior year. Afterwards I told her I would love to talk about an internship or employment opportunities with Cosmo. Two months later, she offered me an internship as an editorial beauty intern.

As soon as I started working at Cosmo, I knew that I wasn't just there for an internship, I wanted to find myself a permanent place in this industry. People saw my passion and wanted to help. I met a lovely woman who worked on the publishing side of the magazine who told me about a job at Oprah Magazine that she thought would be a great fit for me.

Now I know that connections are everything. That mixed with a strong work ethic will take you anywhere. My connections at Cosmo allowed my career to begin.

As a sales assistant at O, I learned more about the publishing industry and touched base with all parts of the magazine. But I didn't get to express my creativity in the way I had hoped to. I was at a pivotal point in my career when the perfect opportunity came along for me at Glamour Magazine.

As the promotion associate, I’m now part of the creative services team, and I work on many projects in conjunction with our marketing, events, and art teams. I manage our social media accounts, work on the back end of events, help to write proposals, and more.

This really is my dream job and it never would have been possible without that first internship. Internships bridge the gap between college and students' future after graduation. They're essential to making connections and moving into the work force.

The classes and coursework in the business administration major at SU are created for students to find a place in corporate America and make their mark. Every single one of my friends who sat alongside me in those classes would agree that it was a great choice. It was an incredible major filled with professors who are committed to your education and ultimately, your career. My personal success derives from them.

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