Intensely curious, active learners will excel in our Honors Program, a challenging, individualized program for academically talented students.

About 10 percent of students from a variety of majors are invited to join the Honors Program. Honors students typically embrace the total Susquehanna experience, contributing in leadership, performance, musical and athletics.

You'll follow a sequence of special courses and projects-complemented by discussion groups, lectures, off-campus visits and residential programs-throughout your four years at Susquehanna.

You'll have the chance join faculty at special events and conferences sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council.

First-year Honors students live together on the third floor of Smith Hall and can apply to live together in living and learning communities in subsequent years.

Sophomore Essay is a two-semester-hour class, taken during the fall or spring of your sophomore year, in which you'll develop a research project on a subject of your choice.

The essay will addresses an original thesis that you've formulated and will sum up a semester of research and reflection in a well-argued position paper. 

You'll work with a faculty sponsor and can use this project to develop and integrate knowledge gained in previous academic work or to investigate a new subject.

The Honors Program associate director and one of the university's librarians lead the class.

Robert G. Mowry Award

Each year, an Honors student receives the Robert G. Mowry Award for demonstrating superior dedication to the Honors community, as well as exemplary leadership, peer mentoring and extracurricular participation.

Any university student, faculty member or administrator can nominate a student for the award.

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