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Marcus Cheatham '13

Baltimore, Md. | Co-owner, Paradigm Wear, LLC

Major: Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

I was a devout lacrosse player at Susquehanna University. Early in my college career, I knew I would play a crucial role on the team, as a player and as a leader. I’m proud to say we made it to the conference playoffs, won the conference championship for the first time in school history, and made it to the NCAA playoffs, where only 30 teams out of over 200 compete.

During college, I started making t-shirts and launched my own business, Paradigm Wear, with a fellow student. It was the most exhilarating feeling I have ever felt in my life!

It was extremely hard focusing on lacrosse, Paradigm Wear, and my academics, but I kept a strict schedule that would sometimes sacrifice sleep. Self-discipline is how I maintained my multiple obligations, and without it I would have probably failed in my endeavors.

Making t-shirts was fun and my partner and I quickly learned that we could earn a living out of this type of work. We sometimes pulled all-nighters, talking about brand values within our start-up company. We knew we had to work hard if we wanted the glory.

We learned valuable business lessons before we turned 21!  In our senior year, we had the privilege to develop a collection with pro football star Ike Taylor, which earned global recognition. Our products were seen on ESPN, CBS, and NFL Network. This was an extremely exciting time of our lives!

Now that we are out of school, we are still learning. The process never stops. We are currently exploring the possibility of marketing in Japan. We’re learning more about the Japanese culture, meeting with retailers who are interested in our products, and discussing new brands with Japanese musicians.

Susquehanna prepared me for the uncertain, the challenging, and the struggles. The university showed me how to be successful; not necessarily through a guidebook, but how to look within myself and see what is necessary to become successful.

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