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Melissa Lee '14

Bethlehem, Pa. |  Freedom High School
Majors: Accounting, Music Performance

Summer 2014 Update: Melissa intends to pursue a Master's degree in piano peformance and pedagogy at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

When I tell people that I'm a double major in accounting and music, they're often perplexed about the combination of the two fields. Most people think that they're vastly different, but there are similarities, surprisingly. Both are universal languages—one is the language of business and the other a language of self-expression, and together they utilize both sides of my brain.

Taking on the responsibilities of a double major means double the workload! I have a very packed schedule filled with classes, meetings, lessons and rehearsals. Of course, I must also set time aside for doing homework, studying and practicing. The key to managing such a busy schedule is having good time management and making use of my time efficiently. I always make sure I still have time to talk and eat meals with my friends and be involved in extracurricular activities.

I rely on my faculty mentor and piano professor Dr. Naomi Niskala. I see her quite often for lessons and classes, so she understands my workload and my work ethic. She knows my strengths and weaknesses as a musician and helps me to understand how to utilize my strengths to continually develop my musicianship.

As Dr. Niskala helps to improve my technique, she pushes me to further limits and to different ways of thinking about the music. She is always willing to listen and discuss my concerns. I can also talk with her about graduate school options, since I am looking to continue my studies in piano performance and pedagogy.

I found that, in general, the faculty at Susquehanna has been more than willing to invest in my education and look out for my well-being and academic success. The class sizes are small enough so that each professor not only knows you by name, but also by character and personality. They are always available to talk, and they also have many professional connections that can be helpful in networking or obtaining outside work experience.

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