Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy


Characterized by rigorous analysis and argumentation, philosophy studies the nature of existence, meaning, truth, and values. Socrates, the father of Western philosophy, referred to himself as a "gadfly," whose task was to sting and goad those who had become lazy and complacent in their thinking, all in the service of truth. As such, the issues of philosophy tend to intersect with those of other academic disciplines, with the political arena, with religion, and with our day-to-day lives.

Philosophy challenges assumptions in language, ethics, and other beliefs, and by analyzing how we view and interact with the world, philosophy helps us to live what Socrates calls an "examined life."





Philosophy outcomes

Grad School & Career Preparation

Philosophy is an excellent program of study on its own or as a double major for students in the humanities, sciences, or business. Learn some amazing facts about philosophy majors. More »

Sarah Dickerson

Sarah Dickerson '13

Sarah Dickerson '13

English, Philosophy majors
York Haven, PA

English and Philosophy double major Sarah Dickerson gives valuable advice to prospective student-athletes.

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