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Early Decision at Susquehanna

Early Decision (ED) is an option that allows students who know that Susquehanna is their first-choice college to apply before the regular application deadline and to receive their admission decision early.  If you choose to apply ED, your application and supporting materials must be received by the deadline.

If you are admitted to Susquehanna under our ED plan, we expect you to enroll and withdraw any regular decision or early action applications to other schools. The ED agreement is binding, so you may not apply to any other school under an ED plan. (You still may apply to other schools under a nonbinding early action plan.) 

To apply for admission under the Susquehanna ED plan, please submit the following:

  • An application
  • Your high school transcript listing senior courses
  • Senior year grades when available
  • An evaluation from your guidance counselor
  • A teacher evaluation from a junior- or senior-level course
  • Results of the SAT, the American College Test (ACT), or a graded writing sample if you choose Test Score Optional
  • The CSS Profile (financial aid form) if you are applying ED 1.

We also recommend the following:

  • Letters of evaluation from additional teachers
  • Samples of creative work, as appropriate

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