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Early Decision Advantages

As you explore Susquehanna, we encourage you to consider the following advantages of Early Decision:

  • Early Decision applications are given extra attention, as these applications are the first to be read by the admissions staff.
  • A higher percentage of students applying Early Decision are admitted compared to students who apply regular decision.
  • Susquehanna's scholarship committee will notify you shortly after your admission if you qualify for a merit scholarship.
  • Applicants for need-based financial aid who complete their financial aid applications by Feb. 1 will have a financial aid decision before the Feb. 15 enrollment deposit deadline.
  • Priority housing arrangements are made for Early Decision students who pay their enrollment deposits by Feb. 15.

Applicants who are not admitted Early Decision are deferred to the regular decision pool. Additional grades and test scores may be submitted for consideration. If Susquehanna is your first choice, applying Early Decision is the very best way to show our admissions staff that Susquehanna is where you want to enroll.

For students applying to majors that require additional application materials (creative writing and graphic design) or auditions (music), you may be released from your binding Early Decision if the department you have applied to does not admit you to their program.  You may still attend Susquehanna and receive Early Decision benefits if you select a different program of study.

Early Decision Planning Guide

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