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International Students: Scholarships & Funding

Successful international applicants are considered for the same academic scholarships offered to admitted American students. The scholarship program considers past academic and social achievement, potential for continued success at the college level and demonstrated financial need. The awards are renewable for up to four years, dependant on satisfactory academic and social standing.

Susquehanna University scholarships will not cover the full cost of attendance. They do not include the cost of room, board (meals), fees, insurance, travel, books, school supplies, personal needs, clothing, laundry, recreation, or living expenses during vacation periods. Students must be able to meet these costs with their own funds.

Partial tuition scholarships are also awarded based on academic achievement. Scholarships are awarded for fall semester applications.

Funding Your Education

To qualify for a student visa, international students must certify that adequate funding to cover educational costs is available. Financial documents must show at least U.S. $11,500 available for educational expenses not covered by any scholarship or grant award offer. International applicants are required to complete and submit a Certification of Financial Support.

Occasionally, an international student may qualify with an American co-signer for a student loan. Some permanent residents or resident aliens already in the U.S. may qualify for need-based aid from the U.S. government. State and U.S. federal financial aid, including U.S. Federal Work-Study, are not available to international students attending on F-1 or J-1 visas. International students are limited to on-campus jobs or employment with non-profit organizations, and not allowed to work for more than 20 hours per week while studying in the U.S.

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