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Considering a Four-Year College? Do's for 11th Graders

  • Do take chemistry. (Selective colleges take the sciences very seriously.) Already taken chemistry? What about physics?
  • Do take pre-calculus and/or trigonometry. Finished these, too? Move on to the next level this year.
  • Do continue with a foreign language.
  • Do take advantage of Advanced Placement courses. Colleges realize that AP courses are more difficult and they will be glad to see that you have challenged yourself.
  • Do take the PSAT, the SAT and/or the ACT.
  • Do visit all the colleges to which you plan to apply.
  • Do visit a variety of local colleges to get a sense of the culture and atmosphere.
  • Do consider selective colleges even if you got off to a rocky start in high school. Colleges look for improvement in performance as a sign that you can and will do the work.
  • Do continue your involvement in activities and consider a leadership position, but do not assume this participation will compensate for lackluster grades


Holly Belkot '13

Holly Belkot '13

An interest in the developing world, culture, and politics leads this SU senior from a semester spent in the Gambia to an opportunity with the Peace Corps after graduation.

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