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How to Make the Most of Your Campus Visits

Between the ivy covered buildings and classrooms full of desks and chairs, college campuses can start looking the same. Beyond bringing a camera or a camcorder to record your visit (which you should!), the best thing you can do is look for what really sets schools apart from one another.

Here are some basic things you might want to consider during your campus visits.

Faculty and academic facilities

Access to your professors and to learning spaces is crucial to the time you’ll spend at any college or university.

  • What’s the average class size?
  • What’s the student to faculty ratio?
  • Are the facilities, equipment and research spaces accessible to you as a first-year student?
  • Is there adequate study space in the library?

Residence halls

Give a thorough inspection to what will be your home away from home for up to four years.

  • Is housing guaranteed all four years?
  • Who has access to the dorms and how?
  • Do students live in singles, doubles or triples?
  • Can you connect to the Internet and the campus network from your room?

Dining facilities

Try to eat on campus during your visit so you can get an idea of what cuisine is typically served.

  • Are there options for special diets?
  • Can students choose from different meal plan options?
  • Is there a variety of places to eat on campus?
  • What are the hours for each meal?

Athletic facilities

Check out the athletics and fitness spaces on campus, even if you're not planning on playing a sport.

  • Is there a variety of modern, safe equipment for ALL students to use?
  • Is there a pool students can use?
  • What fitness classes are offered?
  • Are club sports and intramurals available, in addition to varsity sports?

Career development

Even before you settle on a college, you might want to give some thought to your future career.

  • What special career development services does the school offer?
  • What percentage of students complete internships and how do they find these opportunities?
  • What is the placement rate for recent graduates?

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Emily Burns '14

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