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Admissions Staff Travel Schedules

To find out the admissions counselor assigned to your territory, please see the territory list below.

 David H. Antoniewicz  J. Scott Myers
 Christopher O. Clinton  M.  Deloris Richardson
 Reuben Councill  Brent W. Wallisch
 Isaac Moore  

Off-Campus Interviews

If Susquehanna is on your short list of colleges and you would like to schedule an off-campus interview, please contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-326-9672.  Get a listing of all fall 2013 off-campus interview locations.



State/Region Counselor
 Alabama  Brent W. Wallisch
 Alaska  Christopher O. Clinton
 Arizona  Isaac Moore
 Arkansas  Brent W. Wallisch
 California  Isaac Moore
 Colorado  Isaac Moore
 Connecticut  Reuben Councill
 Delaware  J. Scott Myers
 Florida  Brent W. Wallisch
 Georgia  Brent W. Wallisch
 Hawaii  Christopher O. Clinton
 Idaho  Christopher O. Clinton
 Illinois  M. Deloris Richardson
 Indiana  Isaac Moore
 Iowa  J. Scott Myers
 Kansas  Lillian Mundo
 Kentucky  Isaac Moore
 Louisana  Brent W. Wallisch
 Maine  Reuben Councill
 Maryland  Brent Wallisch
 Massachusetts  Reuben Councill
 Michigan  Isaac Moore
 Minnesota  J. Scott Myers
 Mississippi  Brent W. Wallisch
 Missouri  J. Scott Myers
 Montana  Christopher O. Clinton
 Nebraska  Lillian Mundo
 Nevada  Isaac Moore
 New Hampshire  Reuben Councill
 New Jersey  David H. Antoniewicz
 New Mexico  Lillian Mundo
 New York  
     Upstate New York  Christopher O. Clinton
     Metro New York  Isaac Moore
 North Carolina  J.Scott Myers
 North Dakota  J.Scott Myers
 Ohio  Isaac Moore
 Oklahoma  Lillian Mundo
 Oregon  Christopher O. Clinton
      Central PA     Christopher O. Clinton
      Philadelphia area, Lehigh Valley     J. Scott Myers
      Northeastern PA     M. Deloris Richardson
      Western PA    Brent W. Wallisch
 Rhode Island  Reuben Councill
 South Carolina  J. Scott Myers
 South Dakota  J. Scott Myers
 Tennessee  J. Scott Myers
 Texas  Lillian Mundo
 Utah  Isaac Moore
 Vermont  Reuben Councill
 Virginia  Brent W. Wallisch
 Washington  Christopher O. Clinton
 West Virginia  Isaac Moore
 Wisconsin  J. Scott Myers
 Washington, DC  Brent W. Wallisch
 International   Weihong Sun

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