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Welcome, Class of 2019 & Transfer Students!


Let the celebration begin!

We’re so excited to share the news about our future students. Join us in celebrating their admission to Susquehanna University! More »

Valerie MartinCongratulations! Your accomplishments are impressive and we anticipate you will continue to grow and excel at Susquehanna.

Along the way you will be supported, challenged and encouraged by faculty mentors and fellow classmates all working towards the same goal: your success.

Whether you choose to pursue a major in the arts, communications, humanities, social sciences, education or the natural sciences, you will strengthen your critical thinking, written and oral communication skills through collaborative and experiential learning, application of theory and professional discipline—21st-century skills that will make you stand out to future employers and graduate schools.

Wherever your ambition takes you, we’ll help you get there!

Valerie Martin
Associate Provost, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences





Kathleen Bailey, Ph.D.

Kathleen Bailey, Ph.D.

Kathleen Bailey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Discover how hands-on learning helps students make connections between academics and the real world.

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