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Financial Aid for GO Programs

A group of SU students in the Australian outbackFinancial aid may be available to help with the costs of satisfying Susquehanna’s Global Opportunities (GO) requirement. Here are some financial aid considerations for GO Short and GO Long programs.  

GO Short

For students attending a GO Short program, financial aid from Susquehanna is available on the basis of demonstrated financial need to help with a portion of the costs. During their first semester at SU, students receive notification from the financial aid office indicating the portion of GO Short costs that will be provided by the university in the form a GO Short Grant.

Students qualifying for a GO Short Grant can apply it to any GO Short program to which they are admitted.

Two important notes:

  • A GO Short Grant can be used only once.
  • If a student uses a GO Short Grant and subsequently chooses to participate in a GO Long program, the amount of the previously used GO Short Grant will be deducted from any financial aid available to the student for the GO Long semester.

GO Long    

An image from a GO Long program of camels in the desert.A GO Long semester, chosen from the list of options approved by the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs, counts as one of a student’s regular eight semesters of attendance. For this semester, students will receive the same scholarships, grants and loans that that they would receive if they were to remain on campus, with one exception: Federal Work-Study jobs are not available at off campus sites.

All students studying away on a GO Long program are charged the standard tuition for a semester at SU. But, living and travel expenses vary by program. The financial aid staff will determine a budget for a particular program of study. The financial aid that the university can provide will be based upon these total expenses.

Of note:

  • The Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship Program offers awards for U.S. undergraduate students with limited financial means to study abroad.  Susquehanna University encourages Federal Pell Grant recipients to apply for this award.  More information is available on the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship website. 

GO Short or GO Long

Advice for Students: Some Suggestions for Managing GO Program Costs

  • Save. Consider that the average cost of SU’s GO Short programs is about $4,500. Anticipate when you might choose to GO and work with your family to arrange a savings plan that will guarantee that you have what you need when the time comes to make payment.
  • Borrow. More costly than saving ahead of time, there are two loan options for your consideration.
    • Direct Parent PLUS Loans. If your parents have good credit, this is your best option. This fixed rate federal loan (7.9%) offers the best terms and conditions.
    • Private education loans can be an option. They will always be more expensive than the Parent PLUS Loan.
  • Combine saving and borrowing. Save as much as you can. Only borrow what you need. These are good words to live by in all financial decisions.

Ultimately, in addition to choosing a program that best suits your educational goals, be mindful of choosing a program that fits your budget. Planning ahead will make all the difference.

  • GO Short programs range in cost from $2,895 to $5,800 depending on the distance traveled and the length of the program.
  • GO Long programs can differ significantly in cost based on housing arrangements at the site as well as the exchange rate between the dollar and another country’s currency.

Pam Samuelson

Pam Samuelson, Ph.D.

Pam Samuelson, Ph.D.

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