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Dedicated Faculty

Picture of a Professor working with studentsFirst and foremost, Susquehanna's faculty are dedicated teachers — professors who choose to be part of a learning community where teaching undergraduates is the primary mission. You'll find faculty accessible and encouraging. But at the same time, expect to be challenged to grow academically and personally.

Susquehanna's exceptional faculty are also renowned scholars in their own right. Ongoing research projects include several funded by the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation.

Faculty scholars include:

  • A mathematics professor whose scholarship aided in the design of Beijing's striking National Aquatics Center, popularly known as the "Water Cube." The same work is used by aeronautical engineers to keep satellites in space.
  • A biology professor who is an international expert on spiders. His research, focusing on the communication aspects of silk draglines with wolf spiders, is a hotbed for collaborative student research.
  • Writing faculty who are prolific, award-winning authors. Successful in a full range of genres, the faculty offer insights into writing as well as getting published.

Susquehanna faculty enjoy being a vital part of the learning community, and meaningful connections between professors and students are forged outside of class. Students and a faculty member meet for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Faculty regularly open their homes to students. Faculty and students sing side by side in the university's Masterworks Chorus. They gather together for Diwali festivals and Passover Seders. They volunteer with one another and tackle service projects ranging from assisting the elderly with tax preparation to "mucking" houses in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Geneive E. Henry

Geneive E. Henry, Ph.D.

Geneive E. Henry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chemistry faculty member combines her passion for teaching with her love for research

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