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Advising & Mentoring

Picture of a Professor helping a studentThe combination of accessibility and commitment to teaching result in Susquehanna faculty serving as excellent advisors and mentors. All students have academic advisors to guide them in their educational journey. In addition, Susquehanna's pre-professional programs have dedicated advisors. Faculty availability goes beyond class and scheduled office hours — advice is often times just a phone call or e-mail away.

Alumni and fellow students become mentors as well. There are a variety of ways that Susquehanna students can network with others and receive assistance in finding internships or careers, get help in preparing for graduate school and benefit from advice on how to get the most of their time at Susquehanna.

From the moment you arrive at Susquehanna as a first-year student, you'll have access to engaging, highly personalized career development programs that teach you everything from networking skills to personal financial planning. With the help of the Center for Career Services, you'll develop the confidence and skills to take control of your career before you graduate.

Kathy Kroupa

Kathy Kroupa

Kathy Kroupa

Softball Coach, Senior Woman Administrator, Assistant Athletic Director

Women's softball coach Kathy Kroupa marries her passion for being a teacher with sport that she loves.

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