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Research Opportunities

Picture of Professor and Student working in the riverResearch opportunities abound at Susquehanna. Because we are an undergraduate-only university, you will have access to faculty and equipment from your very first year. It's not unusual for Susquehanna students to do collaborative and independent research early on in their academic careers. Summer programs on campus, some funded by prestigious National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health grants, allow students to immerse themselves in a range of projects. Faculty mentors offer guidance but encourage students to make the research their own.

Scholarship is celebrated at Susquehanna. Each year, Senior Scholars Day provides graduating students from a range of disciplines the opportunity to report the findings of their projects to the rest of the university. Through oral and poster presentations and performances, seniors confidently showcase their research and creative efforts. Other students also have the opportunity to present at regional and national conferences, and many are published in scholarly journals.

Research at Susquehanna can take you far and wide. You might find yourself:

  • Examining the water quality of local streams
  • Studying the mine fires in nearby Centralia
  • Investigating the communication behaviors of wolf spiders
  • Looking at gifted education programs in Pennsylvania school districts
  • Traveling to Costa Rica to evaluate opposition to the Central America Free Trade Agreement
  • Accompanying a faculty member on a research trip to NASA's infrared telescope observatory in Hawaii

Jackie Newell '13

Jackie Newell '13

Jackie Newell '13

International Studies, Spanish
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Jackie Newell's perserverence landed her a Fulbright scholarship after ten months of travel, allowing her the opportunity to serve the Girl Scouts of Argentina.

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