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Selinsgrove & the Valley

Picture of Students at BJ's ResturauntOff campus, the Susquehanna Valley's picturesque towns and awesome natural attractions are yours to explore. Selinsgrove is a sublime blend of a relaxed, rural life combined with the prerogatives and culture of a national university. With an area population of approximately 170,000, the Susquehanna Valley is home to two institutions of higher education and some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

Downtown Selinsgrove hosts a thriving variety of eclectic businesses and fun restaurants catering to the university community. Whether you're looking for Bongo Bongo Dip at BJ's Steak and Rib House, a cup of fair-trade coffee at The Kind Café or a good read at DJ Ernst Books, Market Street provides you with choices.

Go beyond the borders of campus and Selinsgrove to explore the history, culture and activities of greater Susquehanna Valley. From zoos, museums and amusement parks to outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking and caving, the Susquehanna Valley can accommodate you.

Geneive E. Henry

Geneive E. Henry, Ph.D.

Geneive E. Henry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chemistry faculty member combines her passion for teaching with her love for research

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