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What You'll Learn

Students in classMore than 50 majors and minors. Which one(s) will be yours?

Maybe you know for sure. Or maybe you’re still deciding. Either way, you can be certain that Susquehanna is uniquely able to prepare you for whatever’s next—whether it’s grad school, a career or volunteer service.

Academic Calendar

Find out when classes start, when they break and when campus celebrates with events like Homecoming and Family Weekend.

Course Catalog

Browse our course offerings and see what classes you can look forward to tackling.

Cross-Cultural and Off-Campus Programs

Learn about the Global Opportunities available as part of Susquehanna’s new and unique cross-cultural program and think about where you’ll GO.

Center for Academic Achievement

Discover on-campus services that range from study skills counseling to individual tutoring.



Gary Fincke, Ph.D.

Gary Fincke, Ph.D.

Creative Writing

The Writers Institute director, a prolific writer in his own right, teaches the craft to scores of exceptional students.

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