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Internship Benefits

Picture of Student at MTV internshipPreparation for long-term goals – Employers and graduate schools are looking for the same thing – students with excellent and relevant skills. Internships will allow you to gain work experience complementing your coursework at Susquehanna.

An introductory “course” in a company or industry – Explore your career options in a specific field and evaluate a particular company or organization. An internship can help you decide if a particular career direction and a specific company culture are right for you.

Full-time employment opportunities – Internships will expand networking circles and can lead to job offers, sometimes before the start of senior year.

Some Internship Opportunities

Adams Center Scholars

Funding Information

Susquehanna has a number of funding programs that enable students to intern, study, research and volunteer during summer breaks. These funds can cover a portion of travel and cost-of-living expenses, allowing students to pursue summer opportunities that otherwise would be cost prohibitive.


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