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While most of our applicants submit SAT or ACT scores, for some individuals these tests don't accurately reflect their academic performance or potential for success. This is why Susquehanna offers you the opportunity to apply without submitting your scores. In lieu of submitting your SAT or ACT scores, please submit a graded writing sample.

Your writing sample must be academic—an analytic or critical paper written during your junior or senior year. Your sample should demonstrate your ability to communicate complex ideas, theories and opinions. It should also show your ability to apply knowledge gained in the classroom through effective, well-supported arguments.

Examples include: an analysis of a book, a work of art or a literary style; a position paper; or a research project from a natural or social sciences class such as chemistry or psychology. You may send a creative writing sample in addition to the required academic sample.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Susquehanna's Office of Admissions by email or phone at 570-372-4260.


Michele DeMary

Michele DeMary, Ph.D.

Michele DeMary, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Political Science

"I consider myself lucky to be a teacher here at SU, especially because I get to teach material that is so engaging."

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