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Paying the Family Share

Here are some sources families use to pay their share of the expenses:

  • Parents' monthly income
  • Parents' assets
  • Student's income
  • Student's savings
  • Student's summer earnings
  • Student's academic year earnings
  • Income tax refunds

Payment Plan

Susquehanna University participates in a monthly payment plan program. Families can choose this option to spread tuition, room and board payments over 10 or 12 months. A $50 annual service fee is the only additional cost. No interest is charged.

Prior to enrollment, all accepted students receive detailed information and applications for this plan. General questions about the monthly payment plan can be directed to Susquehanna's Office of Business Services at 570-372-4060.

Maeve Kirby '14

Maeve Kirby '14

Maeve Kirby '14

International Relations, Religion
Pittsburgh, Pa.

See how immersing yourself in another culture allows a whole new level of learning to take place.

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