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LCI Language Centers at Susquehanna University

Susquehanna University CampusLCI at Susquehanna University provides you with the intensive English preparation you need for a successful academic career, while also allowing you to participate in all the cultural, recreational and social experiences the university has to offer.

With over 15 years of experience and locations across the U.S., LCI is one of the premier language institutes in the country. LCI Susquehanna offers high-quality English language instruction specifically designed to help you succeed in college—both academically and socially.

LCI Susquehanna’s Intensive English Program Highlights: 

  • Academic Curriculum: Our curriculum is designed especially to prepare you for the college experience. In addition to mastering all aspects of academic English—such as writing, reading, speaking, listening and test-taking—you will learn how to succeed academically at Susquehanna University. 
  • Campus Resources: LCI Susquehanna students are considered Susquehanna University students from the first day on campus. You will have access to all university amenities, including academic resources, residential housing, on-campus dining options, recreational facilities and social activities. 
  • University Pathway Program & TOEFL/IELTS Waiver: When students successfully complete LCI’s Level 7, they automatically fulfill Susquehanna University’s English language proficiency requirement and will be eligible for direct admission without having to take the IELTS/TOEFL exam. 
  • I-20 Issuance: LCI Susquehanna students are issued an I-20 from Susquehanna University. They will not have to transfer their immigration status to begin their degree program at Susquehanna University, simplifying the process. 
  • Smooth Transition to College: As an LCI student on the Susquehanna campus, you will experience a seamless transition from the intensive English program to university degree programs, thus maximizing the chances of your success.

To learn more about LCI Language Centers, please visit their website.

Testimonials from LCI Students

Suzett, Venezuela
"I think this school is so great because the teachers are really good. They are comprehensive and you feel like you are part of the family of LCI. I think this is a great institute to begin your English classes, or if you already have English knowledge but you want [to] improve your English, it’s a good way to do it. So I am very thankful to LCI and I highly recommend it."

Ishak, Turkey
"What I like about LCI was that the teachers were very experienced and they were trained to help all students at LCI. They also helped me apply to [the university]. They even helped give me an appointment with the Chair of Business..."

Nadia, Saudi Arabia
“My teachers were great and the faculty were helpful and are what make LCI so wonderful and successful. [I liked] the sense of humor which my teachers have, the great atmosphere and all that I have learned.”

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