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Why Susquehanna?

A Liberal Arts and Science University Is a Wise Investment

  • Susquehanna University campus outside Degenstein Campus Center One-third of all Fortune 500 CEOs have liberal arts degrees.
    • Choose a major in arts and sciences or business. You’ll be prepared for the road ahead.
  • Experts predict you’ll hold as many as 29 jobs in your lifetime.
    • Gain critical skills and practical experience to pivot as needed.
  • More than 9 in 10 employers want their hires to demonstrate ethical judgment, integrity, intercultural skills and capacity for continued learning.
    • All of our programs emphasize these important skills.

Susquehanna University is not your typical liberal arts college.

Academic Success

  •  We offer a traditional liberal arts and sciences curriculum, and professional experiences—a winning combination that prepares you for our increasingly fast-moving and interconnected world.
    • You immerse yourself in your major and gain broad-based knowledge across many academic areas that interest you.
  • 78% of our graduates have professional experience—including internships and research opportunities—before graduation.
    • Our history and English majors are just as likely to have an internship as our business majors.
    • Science majors enjoy research opportunities with faculty members, with outside agencies during the summer and also independent projects.
  • Our Sigmund Weis School of Business is AACSB-accredited, a marker of excellence which places it among the top 5% of business programs worldwide.

Career and Personal Success

  • Eight Susquehanna graduates were named Fulbright scholars in 2013 and 2014 alone—their international experiences will enhance their personal development and future career opportunities.
  • 94% of our graduates are employed or in graduate/professional school within six months of graduation.
  • 94% of alumni say they would likely attend Susquehanna all over again, a true testament to the education they received here.

Financial Independence

When considering the return on investment, the long-term value of a private liberal arts college is clear.

  • Graduation rates are much higher than the national average. Full-time faculty—not teaching assistants—work with students in small groups. They mentor students individually, helping them be successful academically and in getting a job after graduation.
  • More graduates complete their degrees in four years; compared to five or more years at many larger institutions. That’s a significant savings in tuition dollars. Plus you can enter the job market and begin earning a salary sooner.


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Maggie O'Hearn '17

Maggie O'Hearn '17

Maggie O'Hearn '17

Business Administration, Human Resources
Lancaster, Pa.

The sense of community at Susquehanna and the successful volleyball program appealed to me right away.

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