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  • Unlock the potential of powerful ideas. Our innovative curriculum, superb faculty and fully integrated liberal arts and professional programs give you all the tools you need for success.
  • Enrich every dimension of your experience. From student government to swing dancing and service programs, Susquehanna offers endless opportunities for fun, fulfillment and friendship.
  • Achieve lifelong success on your own terms. Whatever path you follow, Susquehanna prepares you for continued achievement in your professional life and your personal journey.
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  • Financing Tip #1

    Identify the colleges which best meet your academic, extracurricular and geographic criteria. Investigate schools which represent a range of costs but do not let higher costs keep you from seeking admission.

  • Financing Tip #2

    Understand the difference between scholarships and need-based financial aid. Merit-based scholarship aid may be awarded to students with exceptional abilities in academic, music or other areas.

  • Financing Tip #3

    Find out what types of aid are available at the schools you like best, which aid application forms are required, and the deadline for each school.

  • Financing Tip #4

    Don’t rule out private colleges because they may seem to cost more. The chance that your financial need will be met is actually greater at a private college or university because many state-supported schools cannot offer as many financial aid options.

  • Financing Tip #5

    Apply for the types of aid that best fit YOU. Everyone's situation is different and everyone's financial aid experience is too. Don't exclude yourself from the process because your neighbor didn't qualify for scholarships or other forms of financial aid.

  • Financing Tip #6

    Consider the final cost to you rather than the listed price of the school. Understand how much of your expense can be met through financial aid programs. At many schools, the majority of students pay less than the listed price thanks to financial aid.

  • Financing Tip #7

    Compare the aid packages, or the combination of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study awards, that you receive from different schools. Be sure that in each case you understand your family's bottom line cost for the year.

  • Financing Tip #8

    Notify the Office of Financial Aid if there is a change in your financial status. A financial aid package can be adjusted after the academic year begins, but the office can only consider special circumstances if they have the new information.

  • Financing Tip #9

    Investigate other kinds of long-term, low-interest loans and monthly payment plans. There are a number of opportunities for parents to borrow or to spread their payments out over the course of the year.

  • Financing Tip #10

    Select the college that offers you the best long-term value for the price and where your educational needs will best be met. Work and save as much as you can to achieve your goal.

Maggie O'Hearn '17

Maggie O'Hearn '17

Maggie O'Hearn '17

Business Administration, Human Resources
Lancaster, Pa.

The sense of community at Susquehanna and the successful volleyball program appealed to me right away.

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