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Financial Aid & Scholarships

WThe steps leading to Seibert Halle are committed to making college affordable for you and your family.

We made more than $61 million in scholarships, grants, loans and Federal Work-Study Program awards in 2014–15.

More than 98 percent of our students receive some form of aid, and more than half work in part-time campus jobs to fund personal expenses.

We will work with you.

  • Each family has its own personal financial concerns. We are here to help. We will work individually with you and your family to help identify the right resources to fund a Susquehanna education.
  • Your total cost of attendance is more than just what the university charges. We use a more comprehensive formula for scholarship awards that factors in other costs, such as books and personal expenses.
  • We participate in an array of federal, state and private programs that provide aid to our students. ROTC and the Yellow Ribbon Program are two examples.
  • When scholarships are awarded from outside sources, we try to add them to grants and scholarships already in place.
  • Payment plans and other low-cost loans are available to supplement your financial aid package.

Applying for financial aid requires an investment of your time, but we can help. Please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office staff at sufinaid@susqu.edu or call 1-800-326-9672 or 570-372-4450, if you have questions or concerns.


Advice on applying for need-based financial aid

Financial Aid 101 webinar

Questions regarding FAFSA and financial aid? We’ve got answers! Watch an archived copy of the Financial Aid 101: Tips & Advice webinar presented Jan. 20. More »

Bridget Burns '13

Bridget Burns '13

Bridget Burns '13

international studies major, philosophy minor
Durham, N.H.

Study Abroad Experience Translates Into Fulbright Award for Susquehanna Grad

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