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Meet the Staff


Photo of Sara J. Adams Sara J. Adams
Music Admissions Coord & Special Asst to Dept.
Music Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 570-372-4309
Email: adamss@susqu.edu
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Photo of Christopher O. Clinton Christopher O. Clinton
Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: 570-372-4153
Email: clinton@susqu.edu
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Photo of Reuben Councill Reuben Councill
Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: 570-372-4036
Email: councillreuben@susqu.edu
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Photo of Denise Ann Gearhart Denise Ann Gearhart
Application Process Manager
Email: gearhart@susqu.edu
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Photo of Karen A. Hessek Karen A. Hessek
Admissions Receptionist
Phone: 570-372-4260
Email: hessek@susqu.edu
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Ashley Houtz
Admissions Systems Technician
Email: houtzashley@susqu.edu
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Photo of Kathleen Rose Lybarger Kathleen Rose Lybarger
Senior Administrative Assistant to VP for Enrollment Mmgt
Phone: 570-372-4293
Email: lybarger@susqu.edu
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Photo of Christine Marie McCommons Christine Marie McCommons
Senior Admissions System Tech
Phone: 570-372-4141
Email: mccommons@susqu.edu
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Photo of Stuart W. Mosebey Stuart W. Mosebey
Manager of Enrollment Management Information Systems
Phone: 570-372-4132
Email: mosebeys@susqu.edu
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Photo of Scott Myers Scott Myers
Director of Admissions
Phone: 570-372-4197
Email: myersj@susqu.edu
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Photo of Carolyn Anne Neimond Carolyn Anne Neimond
Admissions Systems Technician
Email: neimond@susqu.edu
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Photo of Theresa Marie Oreskovich Theresa Marie Oreskovich
Admissions Systems Technician
Phone: 570-372-4062
Email: oreskovicht@susqu.edu
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Photo of Laura E. Rapp Laura E. Rapp
Assistant Director of Admissions
Phone: 570-372-4344
Email: rappl@susqu.edu
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Torey E. Reichenbach
Admissions Campus Visit Coordinator
Phone: 570-372-4143
Email: reichenbacht@susqu.edu
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Photo of Madeleine Eagon Rhyneer Madeleine Eagon Rhyneer
Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing
Phone: 570-372-4293
Email: rhyneer@susqu.edu
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Photo of Jessica Sullivan Jessica Sullivan
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: 570-372-4425
Email: sullivanjessica@susqu.edu
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Photo of Weihong Sun Weihong Sun
Associate Director for International Recruitment
Phone: 570-372-4044
Email: sunw@susqu.edu
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Financial Aid

Photo of Katie M. Erdley Katie M. Erdley
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 570-372-4051
Email: erdley@susqu.edu
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Photo of Angelica I. Long Angelica I. Long
Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid
Phone: 570-372-4053
Email: longa@susqu.edu
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Photo of Brent W. Wallisch Brent W. Wallisch
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 570-372-4453
Email: wallisch@susqu.edu
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Photo of Erin M. Wolfe Erin M. Wolfe
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 570-372-4314
Email: wolfeerin@susqu.edu
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Photo of Pam Wolfe Pam Wolfe
Senior Technical Assistant, Financial Aid
Phone: 570-372-4450
Email: wolfe@susqu.edu
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