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Alumni Parent Admissions Network

The Alumni Parent Admissions Network (APAN) is a great way for university alumni and parents to stay involved with the university. APAN has over 500 dedicated members all over the world, who are trained to assist the university and the Office of Admissions in recruiting the most talented students. Their first-hand experiences exemplifying the strengths of a Susquehanna University education are shared with prospective students.

APAN members are involved in a variety of recruiting activities. The flexibility of the program allows for members to be involved in as many activities as their schedule permits. The members are well informed volunteers who commit about 10-15 hours per year to the program.

APAN Member Programs

College Fairs

APAN members attend college fairs across the country. The attendance of SU representatives broadens the visibility of the university.

Admissions Reception

Susquehanna hosts regional events in selected areas to generate and preserve the visibility of SU. These events include gatherings for prospective students and admitted students. APAN members attend or host these events.

Student Referrals

APAN members are the eyes and ears of Susquehanna. Volunteers are asked to provide the names and contact information of prospective students for SU.


The program is designed to build relationships among alumni, Susquehanna parents, and prospective students and to guide the student in the college decision process.

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