Taylor Buckholz

Art Director


Alexandria, VA

What kind of work are you doing now?

I’m the art director at a newly formed agency, BAYONET. I do a wide variety of work ranging from corporate identity and branding, television commercials, and directing photo shoots. I work primarily in the print world, as it is my passion, however I am not afraid to work in any aspect of the creative world.

What is the best thing about being a designer?

The adventure. There’s a new challenge every day, and you never really know what it will be. The job rarely gets monotonous, so it’s always easy to have a fresh approach to every new project. Plus, it’s also nice to work with other creative people every day. When you work in a fun, relaxed environment with other smart people, it hardly ever feels like a job.

How did the graphic design program at SU prepare you for the real world?

The real world projects prepared me for what kind of assignments I am asked to tackle every day on my job. I’ve never had a situation where I couldn’t come up with an idea, even when I didn’t have a ton of time. Susquehanna also provides a lot of opportunities to meet with professional designers, both on campus and through tons of field trips, which gave me a good perspective of where I was as a student — and ultimately led to me getting my first job with Design Army in Washington DC. I graduated in 2006, and Mark Fertig has been a good friend and mentor ever since.

What are your favorite memories of the graphic design program at SU?

Destroying other schools at design competitions, late nights in the Mac lab, and all of the field trips!

What advice do you have for someone choosing a college design program?

Take a look at the work and alumni the school is cranking out. Some schools have phenomenal artists with beautiful designs, but their work lacks intelligence. Other schools have brilliant ideas, but the finished pieces lack an awareness of current styles and trends. Figure out what sort of designer you want to be, and select a school where you fit in. But don’t always rely on your strengths, you won’t get very far as a one trick pony — learn everything!