Admissions Portfolio Information

Prospective art department majors must submit a portfolio as part of the application process. We use the portfolio to determine whether or not a potential student is a good fit for our program, and is ready to tackle college-level art and design classes. We do not use the portfolio as a tool to decide whether to admit one student over another, nor do we have a predetermined number of students we accept each year.

Our philosophy is open-minded, and when we review portfolios we aren’t overly concerned with where your work is right now, but rather where it (and you) can go. We want to work with capable and motivated students, and challenge them to become better than they ever thought possible.

Portfolios should be submitted when you apply to Susquehanna, or shortly thereafter—however they must be received by July 1 so that new students can be enrolled in the appropriate fall semester art classes. Portfolios are evaluated shortly after they are received, and applicants are then notified of their status by mail, provided they have been formally admitted to the university.

If you have questions about the status of your portfolio, or the art department in general, please email department chair Mark Fertig at


The portfolio consists of two separate elements:

  • CD of artwork
  • Personal Statement


  • Include 8–12 pieces of your best current work.
  • Images should be saved as separate digital files, in .jpg, .tif, or .pdf format.
  • In-focus digital photographs or scans of artwork are ideal. Watch those blurry images!
  • Portfolios must contain at least four drawings and/or paintings. Photography portfolios must contain at least two.
  • Exercise caution if submitting work from high school graphic design classes. A few pieces are fine, but DO NOT submit a portfolio composed primarily of these kinds of projects.
  • If you have not taken a lot of high school art or graphic design courses, don’t worry! You have something in common with many of the world’s best artists and graphic designers. Send us what you do have!
  • DO NOT submit work in only one medium, unless it is painting or drawing.
  • DO NOT submit original artwork. Portfolios will not be returned.
  • DO NOT submit as a PowerPoint presentation, email attachment, or URL.


Take this part seriously. We really care about it, and a great statement can really boost your portfolio! Your statement should be informal, honest, and tell us something about you and why you are considering studying art, photography, or design. Try to be as open as you can; don’t write what you think we want to read.


  • Include a copy of your statement as a Word document on the CD.
  • Write your name and your intended major (Graphic Design, Painting & Drawing, or Photography) on the CD.
  • Remember to finalize (burn) the disc, and then test it. (We receive a few blank CDs every year!)


Susquehanna University Department of Art
c/o Portfolios
514 University Avenue
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Click here to download a pdf of the Susquehanna University Department of Art Admissions Portfolio Information.