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Brady Gallese '07

Communications-Broadcasting | Selinsgrove, Pa.

Ample Opportunities to Find Yourself

My first semester at Susquehanna I became a DJ at WQSU-FM, the university radio station. I loved creating an on-air personality and having free range to play the classic and alternative rock songs I wanted to play. The radio station is the flagship for the Department of Communications, and has a huge listening audience. In terms of broadcast radius—the signal reaches up to 70 miles in all directions—it’s the third largest college radio station in the state. Now that the station is also streamed live over the Web, we have listeners as far away as Africa.

During high school I worked for my school district as a computer technician, and originally I majored in computer science. Then I switched to information systems and eventually communications with emphasis in broadcasting thanks to my experience with the radio station. My interest has always been more on the technology side of it. In my sophomore year I became the radio station’s Webmaster, and in my junior and senior years I was the operations manager, the highest student position.

I also worked as many hours as I could in Susquehanna’s IT office as a computer lab manager and a classroom and student technician. After I graduated, Susquehanna hired me to work on the IT help desk assisting students, faculty and staff with their computer problems. I enjoy passing along all the knowledge I’ve acquired, so I train all the student technicians.  I’m also the staff advisor for the radio station.

My experience at Susquehanna continues to be very enjoyable. I’m proof that even if you change your mind a few times along the way you have options and, no matter what, you’ll enjoy your experience.


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