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Social Responsibilities

To ensure conditions conducive to learning, Susquehanna has developed policies to promote the educational process and the social welfare of the campus community.

Admission to and attendance at Susquehanna University are a privilege and are conditional upon compliance with the rules and regulations of the university. Many regulations are printed in this catalog; others may be found in the Student Handbook and Susquehanna’s room and board contract. Changes, deletions and additions are published in the campus newspaper, The Crusader, as they occur or are distributed in printed form through the campus mail. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations of the university is considered grounds for dismissal. The university also reserves the right to dismiss any student who, in its judgment, has failed to attain a satisfactory academic record, is no longer amenable to the educational process, or poses a threat to that process and/or the general welfare of the campus community.

Violations of local, state or federal law are also considered violations of university standards.

Alcohol and Drugs. Susquehanna University opposes illegal use and substance abuse by students, as expressed in the statements below. In addition, the university supports a drug and alcohol counseling program and regularly provides information to students concerning relevant laws, policies and recommended practices.

The illegal use, possession, or sale of alcohol or drugs as defined by local, state and federal law is a violation of university regulations. The university cooperates fully with civil authorities in dealing with violations of these laws and clearly spells out disciplinary sanctions in the Student Handbook. Students 21 years of age and older may consume alcoholic beverages in private, in areas specifically designated by the university.

Public intoxication is subject to disciplinary action; where drugs or the illegal use or abuse of alcohol are involved in a disciplinary case, the sanctions are more severe.

Firearms, Firecrackers, Explosives, Flammable Items, etc. The possession of firearms, ammunition, air rifles, pellet guns, explosives, firecrackers, pyrotechnical devices and projectile firing devices of any nature, is prohibited on the campus.

Motor Vehicles. All motor vehicles owned and/or operated by university students, faculty and staff must be registered with the university. Students, faculty and staff are expected to abide by the regulations for vehicle use on campus.

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