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Endowed Loan Funds

The George P. '31 and Anna L. Bailey Loan Fund was established in 1983 and gives preference to Central Pennsylvania students who maintain a better than average academic record.

The Thomas H. G. Beaver Loan Fund was established by Miss Elizabeth T. Beaver, his daughter, for use by Lutheran students.

The Barbara Blough Loan Fund was established in her memory by her sister, Judith Blough Wentz, in 1999. It is to be administered as a low-interest revolving loan fund by the university's financial aid office. Its purpose is to assist students with financial need in purchasing equipment such as personal computers, or similar educational tools that may develop in the future.

The Roger M. '25, H'53 and Helen D. Blough H'87 Loan Fund, established in 1972 by Dr. Roger M. Blough '25 and Helen D. Blough, provides loans repayable at a reasonable rate of interest.

The Gula Virginia Charlton '36 Student Loan Fund was established in 1983 under the will of Gula V. Charlton of Bedford, Pa., and is used to provide assistance in the form of low-interest loans to students majoring in music at Susquehanna University.

The Gulf Oil Corporation Loan Fund was established through an award made to the university by the corporation.

The Mr. and Mrs. Wellington P. Hartman '30 Loan Fund was established by the donors to assist deserving young men and women in securing a college education. In selecting loan recipients, preference will be given to graduates from Danville High School (Pennsylvania), with input from the high school's principal or guidance counselor, as appropriate. Loans from the fund will be made without interest, and are to be administered in accordance with the university's financial aid policies.

The Reverend Cleason Becker King Loan Fund was established in 1952 by his daughter, Mrs. Myrtle King Graham, and his wife, Mrs. Angie C. King Byers, and is to be used as a loan fund for pre-theological students.

The Rev. Mervyn W. Remaly Memorial Student Loan Fund was provided by Mabel L. Remaly to provide low-interest loans to students.

The Lewis K. Rich Memorial Fund was established at Susquehanna in 1993 through a bequest from the estate of Irma K. Rich. Income from this fund will help students enrolled in a ministerial course at the university.

The Raymond E. and Ruth L. Roush Student Loan Fund was established through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Roush. This fund is to provide assistance for academically qualified but financially needy full-time students with a preference given to students residing in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. This fund is to be administered in accordance with the established university policies for such funds.

The Temple Student Loan Fund was established by the Temple Lutheran Church of Altoona, Pa., as a revolving loan fund to help students preparing for full-time Christian service.

The York-Hanover Alumni Club Loan Fund was established in 1961 as a source of support for students by the York-Hanover Alumni Club.

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