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Endowed Prizes and Awards

The Vi Rabey Messerli Award was endowed in 2003 by her husband, Jonathan, family and friends. Mrs. Messerli served Susquehanna University with distinction as its first lady from 1977 to 1984 during her husband's tenure as Susquehanna's 12th president. Her career also included service as a policewoman, teacher, and corporate executive. In establishing the award, her family chose to celebrate the characteristics and values that Vi brought to every undertaking: intelligence, energy, optimism, the pursuit of excellence, and a spiritual commitment to service. Award recipients will be selected by the university's president, on the advice of the academic vice president, executive vice president, and dean of student life. The award will be presented each fall at the Scholars' Dinner to the senior woman whom they feel best exemplifies the university's commitment to leadership, achievement, and service.

The Chemistry Award was established in 1979 by the Parents Association. The award annually recognizes an outstanding student majoring in chemistry.

The Elizabeth G. Eyster Award in Music was established in 1972 by friends, relatives, and parents of Elizabeth G. Eyster '72. The award is presented annually by the Music Department to an outstanding junior student whose performance and academic accomplishment gives promise of outstanding musical achievement.

The Goldstein-Weis Prize Endowment established by Ellen Weis Goldstein, her husband, Joseph I. Goldstein, their son, Paul Goldstein, and their daughter and son-in-law, Laura and Daniel Bassichis, with additional support from the Degenstein Foundation, funds three annual awards to rising Susquehanna University seniors who demonstrate a capacity for achievement, leadership, and service in and out of the classroom:

  • The Sidney and Carole Apfelbaum Prize commemorates the Apfelbaums’ loyal friendship with the Weis Family. It is awarded to a liberal arts major who has excelled not only in a liberal arts discipline but also in the creative or performing arts

  • The Joel and Trudy Cunningham Prize commemorates the Cunninghams’ leadership as Susquehanna’s president and first lady in developing the Sigmund Weis School of Business into an outstanding undergraduate business program worthy of its namesake. It is awarded to a mathematics or science major who has excelled not only in the discipline but also in the creative or performing arts.

  • The Sigmund Weis Prize was established in memory of Sigmund Weis, 1903, to commemorate his legacy as an outstanding business and civic leader. It is awarded to a business major who has excelled not only in the business curriculum but also in the liberal arts.

The John H. Longaker History Prize was established in 1993 by Donald D. Housley and friends in honor of John H. Longaker and will be awarded annually to a rising senior who demonstrates great enthusiasm for history.

The Pi Sigma Alpha Award was established in 1979 by the Parents Association and recognizes annually an outstanding student majoring in political science.

The William A. Russ History Award was established in honor of the late Dr. William A. Russ Jr., professor of history at Susquehanna University 1933-1968, and is given annually to a history student entering the junior or senior year. The award is based on academic accomplishment, promise as a scholar, and contributions to the study and pursuit of history.

The Clyde R. Spitzner '37 Fund was established by Dr. and Mrs. Gustave W. Weber in memory of a devoted alumnus, member of the board of directors and friend. The annual income provides a most valuable player trophy for the varsity football and men's varsity basketball teams.

The Deborah J. Wissinger '76 Prize in Business was established in her memory by her family in 1977. It is awarded annually to a business student who has distinguished himself or herself academically.

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