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Diversity Studies

The minor in diversity studies complements major fields of study. Its focus is on the impact of not only race, social class, culture, gender and ethnicity, but also of age, ableism, disability, sexual orientation and religious affiliation. The governing paradigm for the minor is threefold: awareness, knowledge and application. The primary goals are as follows:
  • to enable students to achieve awareness of multiple perspectives, diverse populations, and the theoretical foundations and language of diversity studies,
  • to enable students to acquire knowledge about the several aspects of diversity,
  • to help students apply that knowledge in their lives, whether in the workplace, their personal lives, or their roles as citizens.

The minor consists of 24 semester hours, including DS:100 Introduction to Diversity Studies (four hours); the capstone course, DS:400 Diversity Encounters for a Changing World: Models of Impact (two hours), and 18 semester hours selected from courses in the women's studies and Jewish studies programs plus other courses approved by the Taskforce on Diversity in the Curriculum.

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