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Women's Studies

The women's studies minor is both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. The program introduces students to a burgeoning field of scholarship about women's issues and lives. It considers such objects as women and biology, psychology, politics, literature, economics, history, art, music and work. The program also addresses issues of gender such as sexuality roles and stereotypes.

The goal of this minor is to encourage intellectual and personal growth among students and faculty by:

  • providing knowledge and encouraging sensitivity to women's issues as developed by contemporary scholarship,
  • examining disciplinary paradigms through the prism of feminist theory,
  • expanding perspectives about gender roles, and
  • considering how power and other factors determine conditions of gender.

The minor consists of 20 semester hours, including WS:151 Introduction to Women's Studies, WS:500 Women in the 21st Century, a research/practicum requirement, and 12 semester hours selected from the other available women's studies courses listed below and from women's studies topics courses in individual departments. The research/practicum requirement can be satisfied either by engaging in an independent project (WS:503 Research/Practicum in Women's Studies) or by taking the classes WS:501 Sexual Assault Counselor Training or WS:502 Domestic Violence Counselor Training.

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