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Health Care Studies

The minor in health care studies is designed for students who intend to pursue careers in the many health care-related fields. Students will learn basic biological and medical principles related to human health and disease, as well as gain an understanding of the ethical and business issues associated with working in the health care system. The minor is well suited for traditional premed students and those interested in other aspects of health care, such as allied health, public health, clinical psychology and counseling.

The minor requires 24 semester hours, including four-semester-hour courses in BI:210 Human Anatomy, BI:220 Human Physiology, HC:270 Human Health and Disease, and PL:221 Medical Ethics, and a two-semester-hour course HC:080 The Business of Health Care. Students also take a four-semester-hour elective course in an area such as biology, psychology, business or sociology, based on their interests, with approval by the health care studies advisor. Two one-semester-hour internship experiences complete the requirements.

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