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Focus Program

The Susquehanna Focus programs build a rich web of connections among the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, business and the arts with classroom study, and include short-term, travel/study abroad. The goal is to help students broaden their global perspectives in a way that contributes to planning future study and career paths Programs are usually designed to permit students at every level of their university careers, from the first year up to participate.

Each program typically begins with an interdisciplinary "triad" of courses addressing issues central to a foreign country or region. Participating students, who should enroll in at least two of the associated courses offered in the term, then visit the country with Susquehanna faculty for a two-credit, 14- to 16-day cultural immersion during winter, spring or summer break.

Below are several two of Focus programs currently offered. Additional or alternative sites may be available in the future.

Focus: Caribbean (Trinidad) students take combined studies in Caribbean culture and society, Caribbean literature, Caribbean political systems, and environmental geology and land management. A trip to the West Indies includes visits to sites such as the Caroni Swamp and the island's Bird Sanctuary, various coastal regions, the parliament, a mas camp (display of carnival costumes), meetings with personnel from political parties and trade unions, and a tour of the capital city. Site visits are complemented with workshops on the sociology, politics, literature, and ecology of the region with faculty of the University of West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

Focus: Australia students take courses in biological issues in Australia and environmental psychology. They then travel to Sydney, explore the Great Barrier Reef, aboriginal sacred sites and the Australian rainforest.

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